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/gijig-/ initial

jagged, rippled, zigzag
gijigadaasin vii the snow blown into ripples
gijigadaawangaa'an vii there are ripples in the sand formed by waves
gijigadinaa vii there is a range of hills, a ridge
gijigaa vii it is rippled
gijigaabikad vii it (mineral) is corrugated
gijigaanakwagoode vii there are jagged rippled clouds
gijigemikwaane vai its (animate; turtle) shell has ridges
gijigi- pv lex zigzag, rippled
gijigikodan vti carve it zigzag or rippled
gijigikozh vta carve h/ zigzag or rippled
gijigisagad vii it (board) is rippled
gijigizi vai it (animate) is rippled, has ridges
gijigiigad vii it (sheet-like) is rippled, is zigzag
gijigiigizi vai s/he (sheet-like) is rippled, is zigzag