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/gig-/ initial

carry or bear on body
gigabi vai s/he sits with something
gigakizine vai [BL] s/he wears moccasins or shoes
gigazhigane vai s/he wears socks
gigaatigwe vai s/he has a sliver
gigibabagiwayaane vai s/he wears a shirt
gigibabiinzikawaagane vai s/he wears a coat
gigibagizi vai it (animate) has leaves
gigibaashkizigane vai s/he has a gun on h/
gigidaabaane vai s/he has h/ car with h/
gigigiboodiyegwaazone vai s/he wears pants
gigigoodaase she wears a dress, has a dress on
gigigwaashkonin vai + o [BL] jump with it
gigikwewe vai s/he has your woman along
gigiminjikawaagane vai s/he wears mittens
gigiminjikaawane vai s/he wears mittens
gigimookomaane vai s/he has a knife on h/
gigishkan vti wear it; have it on (the body), bear it (on the body)
gigishkaw vta
  1. have h/, it (animate) on (the body); wear it (animate)
  2. be pregnant with h/
gigiwiiwakwaane vai s/he wears a hat
gigizhimaagane vai s/he carries a lance, spear
gigizin vai + o s/he has it in h/ possession, keeps it
gigoonzhe vai s/he has h/ a child or children along with h/