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/gidisk-/ initial

release, disconnect
gidiskaabiigin vta release, disconnect, unhook, unplug h/ (as something string-like)
gidiskaabiiginan vti release, disconnect, unhook, unplug it (as something string-like)
gidiskaabiigise vii it (something string-like) comes free, is disconnected
gidiskaabiigishkaa vii it disconnects, comes off (as something string-like)
gidiskaasin vii it is blown free
gidiskaashi vai s/he is blown free
gidiskibagizo vai s/he breaks loose, wriggles loose, gets away
gidiskibani'o vai [BL] s/he breaks loose, wriggles loose, gets away
gidiskibidoon vti2 [S] pull it free, disconnect it (with hands)
gidiskibizh vta pull h/ free,disconnect h/ (with hands)
gidiskin vta free, disconnect h/; take h/ off something
gidiskinan vti free, disconnect it; take it off something
gidiskininjiibizh vta release h/ grip on something
gidiskise vii it comes apart, comes off
gidiskise vai s/he comes out or off of something