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/gid-/ initial

remove, disconnect
gida' vta remove h/ (using something)
gida'an vti remove it (using something)
gidamo vta eat all of h/, eat h/ up
gidasan vti roast it to remove something, parch it [wild rice]
gidashkibide vii it is threshed and winnowed in a machine
gidashkibidoon vti2 remove the husk of it (wild rice) by hand
gidaabiigibide vii it (something string-like) comes off in operation
gidaa'ogo vai s/he undergoes wave action
gidaandawe vai s/he climbs out
gidaasin vii it is removed in the wind
gidaashi vai it (animate) is removed in the wind
gidin vta remove h, take h/ off (by hand)
gidinan vti remove it, take it off (by hand)
gidoonagise vai s/he falls out of a boat
gijibidoon vti2 pull it off, remove it with hands
gijibizh vta pull h/ off, remove h/ with hands
gijibizo vai s/he exits fast, falls out
gijidaabaadan vti drag it out or off
gijiganezh vta cut a bone out of it (animate); debone it (animate)
gijigwaadan vti remove it with something sharp
gijigwaashkwani vai s/he jumps off, jumps out
gijigwaazh vta remove h/ with something sharp
gijiminagishkan vti thresh it by dancing on it
gijinagizhiin vta gut, disembowel h/
gijiigibidoon vti2 pull it (sheet-like) off
gijiigibizh vta skin h/ (a rabbit)