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/gashk-/ initial

gashkanokii vai s/he is able to work
gashkibizh vta wrap and tie h/ in a bundle
gashkigwaade vii it is sewn
gashki' vta overpower, prevail over, conquer h/; manage h/; earn h/ (e.g., money)
gashki'o vai s/he is able; s/he gets free
gashkin vta be able to hold h/, able to lift h/
gashkinan vti be able to hold it, able to lift it
gashkitoon vti2 be able to do, succeed at, manage it
gashkiwane vai s/he is able to carry a pack
gashkiwidoon vti2 be able to take, carry it
gashkiwizh vta be able to take, carry h/
gashkoom vta be able to carry h/ on back
gashkoondan vti be able to carry it on back