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/gaasii-/ initial

erased, wiped off
gaasiibii'an vti erase it
gaasiidoone'o vai s/he wipes h/ (own) mouth
gaasii' vta wipe h/ (using something)
gaasii'an vti wipe it (using something)
gaasiinaagane vai s/he wipes dishes
gaasiininjii vai s/he wipes h/ (own) hands
gaasiininjii'o vai s/he wipes h/ (own) hands
gaasiininjii'wi vta [NI] wipe h/ hands
gaasiisidoon vti2 wipe it off on something
gaasiiyaabikinan vti wipe it (mineral) off (by the hand), erase it (mineral) (by the hand)
gaasiizide'o vai s/he wipes h/ feet