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/-ga'/ final

act on it by ax
bajiishkiga'an vti chop it pointed
bakwega'an vti chops a piece off it (something of wood)
bashkoga'an vti clear it off (with an ax), clearcut it
baasiga'an vti chop it into small pieces (as something of wood)
bigishkiga'an vti chop it to pieces
biisiga'an vti chop it into kindling
biiwiga'an vti chop it into chips
bookoga'an vti chop it breaking it in half
dakwaakoga'an vti chop it short
daashkiga'an vti split it (by chopping)
ginwaakoga'an vti chop it (something stick-like) with an ax so it is long
giishkiga'an vti chop it off (with ax)
jiiboga'an vti [BL] chop it pointed
jiigiga'an vti hew, peel, or chip bark or other surface material off it; debark it
madwega'ise vai s/he is heard chopping wood
maajiga'an vti start chopping it
ozhiga'an vti
  1. hew it to shape
  2. tap it