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/-doone-/ medial

body part; post-medial
bajiishkidooneni vai s/he puckers h/ lips
basidoone' vta slap h/ on the mouth
baakidoonebizh vta pull h/ mouth open
baakidooneni vai s/he opens h/ mouth
baakidoonese vai h/ mouth falls open
beshidooneshin vai s/he gets or has a cut on h/ mouth
biimidooneni vai s/he twists h/ mouth sideways
gaasiidoone'o vai s/he wipes h/ (own) mouth
gibidoonepizo vai s/he wears a face mask (covering the mouth)
giziidoone' vta wipe h/ mouth
giziidoone'o vai s/he wipes h/ (own) mouth
izhidoonem vta point h/ out with lips
izhidooneni vai s/he points a certain way with lips
izhidoonetaw vta point (it) out to h/ with lips
miskodoonebii' vta [BL] put lipstick on h/
miskodoonebii'o vai s/he wears lipstick
zhiibidooneni vai s/he puckers h/ lips