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/daadw-/ initial

separated, opened up
daadobidoon vti2 split it open (with hands), pull it apart and open
daadobizh vta split h/ open (with hands), pull h/ apart and open
daadode vii it splits open (from heat)
daadojiide vii it bursts open (from heat)
daadose vii it rips apart, splits apart and open
daadoshkan vti rip, split it open with foot or body
daadoshkaw vta rip, split h/ open with foot or body
daadoshkaa vii it splits open, parts
daadozh vta cut h/ apart and open
daadozhan vti cut it apart and open
daadozo vai s/he splits open (from heat)
daadwaakadode vii it dries out and splits open
daadwegishkan vti rip, split it (sheet-like) open with foot or body