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/boon-/ initial

cease, quit
boona'amaazo vai s/he stops singing
boonaabam vta stop looking at h/
boonaabandan vti stop looking at it
boonaabi vai s/he stops looking
boonaanagidoon vai [S] s/he quits talking, stops talking
boonaanagidoone vai [N] s/he quits talking, stops talking
boonaanimad vii the wind lets up, dies down
boonaapi vai s/he stops laughing
boonendam vai2 s/he gives up, ignores something, quits thinking about something
boonendan vti forget, ignore it
boonenim vta quit thinking or worrying about h/; forget, ignore h/
boonibiisaa vii it stops raining, the rain stops
boonigi vai s/he stops growing, quits growing
boonigidaazo vai s/he stops being angry, quits being angry
boonigin vii it stops growing, quits growing
booni' vta leave h/ alone; quit h/
boonim vta stop talking to h/; avoid talking to h/
boonipon vii it stops snowing, the snow stops
boonitan vti quit listening to it
boonitaw vta quit listening to h/
boonitoon vti2 leave it alone; quit it
boonii vai s/he alights, lands (from flight)
boonwewidam vai2 s/he quits sounding, quits calling