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/-boode/ final

it is sawn, abraded
agaasiboode vii it is sawn, filed small
bakiboode vii it breaks apart from rubbing (e.g., something string-like)
banaajiboode vii it is ruined by being cut wrong with a saw
bigishkiboode vii it is ground up
biigoboode vii it breaks by abrasion
biisiboode vii it is ground, milled, grated; it is sawn into small pieces
biisiboozo vai s/he is ground, milled, grated; s/he is sawn into small pieces
dakoboode vii it is sawn short
gawiboozo vai s/he is sawn down
giiniboode vii it is sharpened (by filing or sawing)
gwayakoboode vii it is sawn straight
jaagiboode vii it is all sawed up, all ground up
mechiboode vii it wears down, is worn (from abrasion)
zisiboode vii it is filed, ground down