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/baN-/ initial

miss, drop
ban , bazh
banaganaam vta miss hitting h/
banaganaandan vti miss hitting it
bana' vta miss h/ (using something)
bana'an vti miss it (using something)
bana'e vai s/he misses the target
banam vta bite or chew it (animate) and have it drop
banaabam vta lose sight of h/ suddenly
banaabandan vti lose sight of it suddenly
banaakwii vai s/he misses catching on to a branch or a railing
banaandawe vai s/he misses and falls climbing on something
banikoodoon vti2 miss trapping it
banikoozh vta miss h/ in a trap
banikoozo vai s/he sets off a trap and escapes
banin vta let h/ drop, have h/ fall out of the hand
baninan vti let it drop, have it drop out of the hand
banitan vti mishear it
banitaw vta mishear h/; misunderstand what s/he says
banizi vai s/he misses out
banoom vta have h/ drop off the back
banoomigo vai s/he falls off a horse
banoondan vti have it drop off the back
bazhinazh vta put h/ at risk of injury or death