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/bajiishk-/ initial

There are two roots meaning 'pointed': /jiibw-/ which is used in the Border Lakes region and to the north and /bajiishk-/ which is used to the south in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
bajiishka' vta pierce, prick h/ or it (animate) (using something); stick h/ (with something sharp), give h/ an injection / shot
bajiishka'an vti pierce, prick it (using something)
bajiishkaa vii it is pointed
bajiishkaabikad vii [MN] it is pointed (as something mineral)
bajiishkaabikizi vai s/he is pointed (as something mineral)
bajiishkiboodoon vti2 saw, grind it to a point
bajiishkiboozh vta saw, grind h/ to a point
bajiishkidaamikane vai s/he has a pointed chin
bajiishkidooneni vai s/he puckers h/ lips
bajiishkiga' vta chop h/ pointed
bajiishkiga'an vti chop it pointed
bajiishkiganzhii vai s/he has pointed nails or claws or talons
bajiishkijaane vai s/he has a pointed nose
bajiishkikodan vti carve it so it is pointed, sharpen it to a point (with a blade)
bajiishkikode vii it is carved pointed, is sharpened to a point
bajiishkikozh vta carve h/ so s/he is pointed, sharpen h/ to a point (with a blade)
bajiishkikozo vai it (animate) is carved pointed, is sharpened to a point
bajiishkizh vta cut it (animate) to a point
bajiishkizhan vti cut it (sheet-like) pointed
bajiishkizi vai it (animate) is pointed