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/bagid-/ initial

put down, allow, offer, release
bagidam vta release h/ from the mouth
bagidanaamo vai s/he breathes, exhales
bagidandan vti let it drop from the mouth
bagidaabii vai s/he fishes with a setline
bagidaabiigin vta let h/ out on a line
bagidaabiiginan vti let it out on a line
bagidaakwii vai s/he lets go of something held on to (something stick-like such as a railing or a handle)
bagidendan vti release it from your mind, try to forget about it, let it go (and don't think abut it)
bagidenim vta
  1. release h/ from your mind
  2. let h/ or it (animate) go (and don't think about h/ or it)
  3. complete mourning for h/
  4. bury h/ or it (animate)
bagidenimo vai s/he loses hope, gives up on something, lets go
bagidin vta
  1. set h/ down; offer, release h/
  2. allow h/
bagidinamaw vta set (it) down for h/; offer, release, allow (it) to h/
bagidinan vti
  1. set it down; offer, release it
  2. allow it
bagidoom vta set h/ down off one's back
bagidoondan vti set it down off h/ back
bagijinige vai s/he sets down a load from h/ shoulder
bagijitaa vai s/he lets loose, releases; s/he loosens up
bagijiwane vai s/he sets down h/ pack
bagijwebin vta release h/ quickly; throw h/ down quickly
bagijwebinan vti release it quickly, throw it down quickly