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/bagak-/ initial

bright, clear
bagaka'amaazo vai s/he sings clearly
bagakaabam vta see h/ clearly, spot h/ right away
bagakaaban vii it is daybreak, is light at dawn
bagakaabandan vti see it clearly, spot it right away
bagakaabi vai s/he sees clearly
bagakaagamin vii it (a liquid) is clear and bright
bagakaagonagaa vii there is bright snow
bagakaanzhe vai it (animate) shines brightly
bagakaasige vai it (animate) shines brightly
bagakaate vii it has a bright clear light, shines brightly
bagakendam vai2 s/he has a clear mind, is aware
bagaki- pv lex bright
bagakinaagozi vai
  1. s/he is seen clearly
  2. it (animate) is bright (in color)
bagakinaagwad vii
  1. it is seen clearly, appears obvious
  2. it looks bright, looks clear
bagakipogozi vai s/he has a sharp, clean taste
bagakipogwad vii it has a sharp, clean taste
bagakitam vai2 s/he has acute hearing
bagakitan vti hear, understand it clearly
bagakitaw vta hear, understand h/ clearly
bagakitaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) sounds clear, is heard clearly; s/he is understandable
bagakitaagwad vii it sounds clear, is heard clearly; it is understandable
bagakowe vai s/he has a clear voice, speaks clealy