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/babiiw-/ initial

small, tiny
babiiwanowe vai s/he has tiny cheeks
babiiwaabide vai s/he has tiny teeth
babiiwaakoziwag vai they (animate; stick-like) are small
babiiwaakwadoon vii they (stick-like) are small
babiiwaawan vii they are tiny
babiiwiminagadoon vii they are tiny (as something ball-like)
babiiwiminagiziwag vai they are tiny (as something ball-like)
babiiwinike vai s/he has small arms; s/he has thin arms
babiiwininjii vai s/he has tiny hands
babiiwishkiinzhigwe vai s/he has small eyes
babiiwitawage vai s/he has tiny ears
babiiwizide vai s/he has tiny feet