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/-apid/ final

tie it
agwapidoon vti2 attach it by tying on
aandapidoon vti2 retie it
aapidapidoon vti2 tie it securely, tie it for good
aazhawapidoon vti2 tie it across
baapasapidoon vti2 tie, bind it tight
bezhigoopidoon vti2 tie one of it
binangwapidoon vti2 tie it loosely
bishigwapidoon vti2 miss trying to tie it
dagwapidoon vti2 tie it with something else
danapidoon vti2 tie it in a certain place
dasoopidoon vti2 tie a certain number of them (inanimate) together
gashkapidoon vti2 tie it shut, tie it up in a bundle
gashkiigapidoon vti2 wrap it up and tie it
geshawapidoon vti2 tie it loosely
giizhapidoon vti2 finish tying it
ikwapidoon vti2 tie it up higher, out of the way
inapidoon vti2 tie it a certain way
mamaanjigwapidoon vti2 bind it securely; restrain it by tying it
mashkawapidoon vti2 tie it tight
maagwapidoon vti2 tie it down tight
maanapidoon vti2 tie it poorly
midaasoopidoon vti2 tie ten of them (inanimate) together
minjimapidoon vti2 tie it down
minwapidoon vti2 tie it well
napaadapidoon vti2 tie it the wrong way
naanoopidoon vti2 tie five of them (inanimate) together
ningodwaasoopidoon vti2 tie six of them (inanimate) together
nisoopidoon vti2 tie three of them (inanimate) together
nishwaasoopidoon vti2 tie eight of them (inanimate) together
niiyoopidoon vti2 tie four of them (inanimate) together
niizhoopidoon vti2 tie two of them (inanimate) together
niizhwaasoopidoon vti2 tie seven of them (inanimate) together
okwapidoon vti2 tie it in a bunch
onapidoon vti2 tie it in place
zagapidoon vti2 tie on, tow, hitch it
zhaangasoopidoon vti2 tie nine of them (inanimate) together
ziidwapidoon vti2 support, brace it (by tying)