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/-anaand/ final

animanaandam vai2 s/he goes away (in the other direction) hungry
babaamanaandam vai2 s/he goes about hungry
bagamanaandam vai2 s/he arrives hungry
baapaganaandam vai2 s/he shakes from being hungry
bimanaandam vai2 s/he goes along hungry
biidanaandam vai2 s/he comes hungry
gawanaandam vai2 s/he starves
giiwashkwenaandam vai2 s/he is dizzy from being hungry
inanaandam vai2 s/he goes to a certain place hungry
miiwanaandam vai s/he can't stand being hungry, can't stay somewhere because of hunger
mookwanaandam vai2 s/he cries from being hungry
ondanaandam vai2 s/he comes from a certain place hungry
waabiiganaandam vai2 s/he is pale from being hungry
zhiibanaandam vai2 s/he can go without eating, can endure being hungry