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/-an/ final

it is in a state or condition
apiitan vii it weighs so much, is so heavy
aawan vii it is a certain thing
bangan vii it is peaceful; it is quiet
bengwan vii it is dry, dries
bezhigwan vii it is one; it is the only one; it is the same
biiwan vii it is a blizzard
gaapan vii it is brittle
gozigwan vii it is heavy
naangan vii it is light (in weight)
wakewan vii it is fragile, is weak
waaban vii
  1. it is dawn
  2. it is tomorrow
wiisagan vii it is bitter
wiishkoban vii it is sweet
zhiiban vii it is tough, strong
zhiiwan vii it is sour; [BL] it is sweet
zoongan vii it is strong, solid