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/-am/ final

act on h/ by mouth or teeth
andoobiigam vta feel for h/ in water by mouth, feed on h/ in the water
apam vta eat something with h/
ashkam vta eat h/ raw
aabiskwam vta undo, untie h/ with teeth
aabitawam vta eat half of h/
bagidam vta release h/ from the mouth
bagwam vta chew a hole in h/
bakam vta bite it (animate; string-like) through or off
bakwem vta bite a piece off h/ or it (animate)
banam vta bite or chew it (animate) and have it drop
baasam vta crack h/ with the mouth (using teeth or a beak)
baashkam vta bite and burst h/
baataam vta tell on h/; testify against h/
bigishkam vta chew it (animate) to pieces, chew it (animate) up
bishagam vta peel h/ with the teeth
bishagaakwam vta chew bark off h/ (a tree)
bishigwam vta try biting h/ and miss; drop h/ from the mouth
bitam vta bite, eat h/ accidentally
biigwam vta chew h/ up; ruin, damage h/ (by chewing)
biisam vta chew h/ into small pieces
biiwam vta eat h/ leaving crumbs
bookwam vta bite h/ in two
dagwam vta eat h/ or it (animate) with something
dakwam vta bite h/ or it (animate); hold it (animate) in the mouth
danam vta eat it (animate) in a certain place
daangam vta taste a sample of h/
debam vta get, grab h/ with the mouth, with the teeth
gagiigam vta pick out the best of it (animate) to eat
gawam vta chew h/ down
gaakaawam vta chew it (animate; something crisp or crunchy)
gaapam vta crunch h/ in mouth
gichiwam vta hold h/ back with teeth
ginibam vta eat it (animate) quickly
giichigwam vta pull h/ off with teeth
giimoodam vta eat, bite h/ secretly
giishkam vta bite through h/ cleanly
godam vta sample, taste h/; take a taste of h/
inam vta eat, bite h/ a certain way
ishkwam vta leave h/ behind uneaten
izhidoonem vta point h/ out with lips
jaagam vta eat up all of h/
jiichiigwam vta chew on, gnaw h/
madwem vta chew it (animate) audibly
manaadam vta eat sparingly of it (animate)
maadam vta start eating, start chewing h/
maagwam vta bite down on h/
nakwem vta snatch h/ with mouth; catch h/ with mouth
nawadam vta take hold of h/ in mouth; take a bite of h/
negwam vta choke on it (animate; something swallowed)
niimam vta pick h/ up in mouth; carry h/ in mouth
nookam vta soften h/ in the mouth
ondam vta eat h/ from a certain place
wiikwam vta
  1. suck on h/ ; draw on h/ with mouth
  2. invite h/ to a feast (especially as part of a religious ceremony)
wiinam vta [BL] gets h/ dirty with the mouth
wiisagam vta hurt h/ by biting
zagam vta hold on to h/ (with the mouth)
zhaashaagwam vta chew on, gnaw h/
zhigadam vta be tired of eating h/
ziswam vta spray water on h/ from the mouth
zhishigwam vta chew h/ up, chew h/ to bits
ziikoobiigam vta suck it (animate) dry
zoobam vta suck out of h/