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/-akizin-/ medial

aandakizine vai s/he puts on another pair of shoes, changes h/ shoes
bagwa'akizine vai s/he mends shoes
biboonakizine vai s/he wears winter boots or moccasins
biitakizine vai [BL] s/he puts on h/ moccasins or shoes
biitookizine vai s/he wears overshoes
gigakizine vai [BL] s/he wears moccasins or shoes
giitakizine vai [BL] s/he takes h/ shoes or moccasins off
inakizine vai s/he wears certain footwear
meshkodakizine vai s/he changes h/ shoes
nabanekizine vai s/he has only one shoe on
nanaapaadakizine vai s/he has shoes on the wrong feet
niibinakizine vai s/he wears summer shoes or moccasins
niimakizine vai s/he takes along footwear
oshkakizine vai s/he has new shoes, has new tires