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/ajid-/ initial

face down, upside down
ajidagoode vii it hangs upside down
ajidagoodoon vti2 hang it upside down
ajidagoojin vai s/he hangs upside down
ajidagoozh vta hang h/ upside down
ajidagoozi vai s/he hangs above upside down
ajidakide vii it is stuck in upside down
ajidakizh vta stick h/ in upside down; erect h/ upside down
ajidakizo vai s/he is stuck in upside down
ajidakiiwebin vta throw h/ on the ground head first
ajidakiiwebinan vti throw it on the ground head first
ajidin vta hold h/ upside down
ajidinan vti hold it upside down
ajijibizo vai s/he falls head first
ajijigaabawi vai s/he stands with h/ head down, stands on h/ head
ajijishim vta put h/ face down, put h/upside down
ajijiingwese vai s/he falls on h/ face