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/-agoojin/ final

hang, be suspended, fall from above
ajidagoojin vai s/he hangs upside down
aazhigidagoojin vai s/he hangs with back to ground
bakidagoojin vai s/he hangs across the top of something
baakagoojin vai s/he hangs wide open
bimagoojin vai s/he falls down from up high
bimidagoojin vii s/he hangs crosswise
dabasagoojin vai s/he hangs low
inagoojin vai
  1. s/he hangs a certain way
  2. the moon is in a certain phase
ishkwegoojin vai s/he hangs at the end
ishpagoojin vai
  1. s/he hangs high
  2. the sun is high in the sky
maanagoojin vai s/he hangs awkwardky
napaadagoojin vai s/he hangs the wrong way
niibidegoojinoog vai they hang in a row
niigaanagoojin vai s/he hangs in front
ombagoojin vai s/he hangs up in the air; s/he is suspended up in the air
onagoojin vai s/he hangs in place
ondagoojin vai s/he hangs, falls from a certain place
oshkagoojin vai s/he is new (of a moon)
waasagoojin vai it (animate) hangs shining