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/-adin/ final

it is cold, is affected by the cold; is frozen
agwaakwadin vii it is frozen onto something
apiitadin vii it is so cold, is so frozen, is frozen so far
baasaakwadin vii it (something stick-like or solid) cracks from the cold
bibagadin vii it is frozen thin
bibagaakwadin vii it freezes thin, is frozen thin
daashkikwadin vii there is a crack in the ice
gashkadin vii it freezes over, is frozen over
gibaakwadin vii it freezes shut, is frozen shut
gibozigwadin vii it is frozen shut
gipagadin vii there is thick ice
gipagaakwadin vii it freezes thick, is frozen thick
madwekwadin vii the ice is heard cracking from the cold
madweyaakwadin vii it (something stick-like) is heard cracking in the cold
madwezigwadin vii the sound of ice cracking is heard
mashkawadin vii it freezes, is frozen solid
mashkawaakwadin vii it freezes stiff, is frozen stiff
nigiigwadin vii it is frosted, there is frost
nigiigwakamikadin vii the ground is frosted, there is frost on the ground
nigiigwaabikadin vii it (rock or something of metal) is frosted
ningiigwadin vii
nookadin vii it is frozen soft (as dangerous ice)
zaagizigwadin vii it sticks out of the ice
zhooshkwadin vii it freezes smooth, is frozen smooth