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/-ada'w/ final

act on h/ by stick or something with a handle
azheda' vta pound h/ back (using a stick or a stick-like tool)
bakada' vta break it (animate; something like a string) (using a stick or tool); snap it (animate) (using a stick or tool)
bashkwada' vta weed h/ using a hoe
baasada' vta crack or shatter h/ (hitting with a stick or tool)
bigishkada' vta pound, chop h/ to pieces (using a stick or a stick-like tool)
biisada' vta chop h/ into small pieces
jiishada' vta sweep h/, brush something off h/
nabagada' vta pound h/ flat (using a stick or stick-like tool)
ningwada' vta cover it (animate) using a hoe
nookada' vta pound it (animate) soft; soften it (animate) (by hitting with something)
onada' vta shape or form h/ by pounding with something