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/ab-/ initial

abaabas vta smudge, cense h/; smoke h/ (for preservation)
abaabasan vti smudge, cense it; smoke it (for preservation)
abaabikizan vti warm it (mineral), heat it (mineral) up
abaabikizwi vta warm it (animate; mineral), heat it (animate; mineral) up
abaagamide vii it (liquid) warms up, is warm, is lukewarm
abaagamizan vti warm it (liquid)
abaakiganezo vai s/he warms h/ front against fire
abaaso vai s/he warms up in the sun
abaate vii it warms up (of the weather)
abaawiganezo vai s/he warms h/ (own) back
abide vii it warms up, is warmed at a fire or stove
abidiyezo vai s/he warms h/ rear against fire
abininjiizo vai s/he warms h/ (own) hands
abiz vta warm h/ at the fire
abizan vti warm it at the fire
abizidezo vai s/he warms h/ (own) foot or feet
abizidezwi vta warm h/ foot or feet
abizo vai s/he warms up at a heat source (a fire, a stove, the sun, etc.)
abiigizan vti warm it (something sheet-like) at a fire
abiigizwi vta [NI] warm h/ at fire (as something sheet-like)
abiingwezo vai s/he warms h/ (own) face against the fire