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/-aapine/ final

s/he is afflicted, suffers
apiitaapine vai s/he is sick to such an extent
aakwaapine vai s/he is in severe pain, is severely ill
bagamaapine vai s/he arrives sick
inaapine vai s/he is afflicted, sick in a certain way
miiziiwaapine vai s/he has diarrhea
mookwaapine vai s/he cries from being sick
ojaanimaapine vai s/he is very ill
okanaapine vai s/he has arthritis, has rheumatism
ozosodamwaapine vai s/he has a respiratory illness, has tuberculosis
wiisagaapine vai s/he hurts, suffers physically, suffer from an illness
zhaabokaawiziiwaapine vai s/he has dysentery
zhiibaapine vai s/he endures suffering, can withstand pain
ziinzibaakwadowaapine vai s/he has diabetes
ziinzibaakwadwaapine vai s/he has diabetes