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/aapid-/ initial

permanent, complete
aapij , aapiz
aabidaapi vai s/he laughs without stopping
aapidabi vai s/he just sits, sits and can't get up
aapidademo vai s/he cries without stopping
aapidagoozi vai s/he is perched up above and can't get down
aapida'oode vii it is permanently tangled, tied up in knots for good
aapida'oodoon vti2 tie it up in knots for good
aapida'oozh vta tie h/ up in knots for good
aapida'oozo vai s/he is permanently tangled, tied up in knots for good
aapidanaamo vai s/he is unable to recover h/ breath
aapidapide vii it is tied securely, tied for good
aapidapidoon vti2 tie it securely, tie it for good
aapidapizh vta tie h/ securely, tie h/ for good
aapidapizo vai s/he or it (animate) is tied securely, tied for good
aapidaakizige vai s/he can't quit drinking
aapidaandawe vai s/he climbs and gets stuck
aapidendi vai s/he goes and doesn't return, is gone for good
aapidingwaam vai [S] s/he sleeps and doesn't wake up, dies in h/ sleep
aapijibatoo vai s/he runs away for good
aapijibide vii it drives, runs, operates without stopping
aapijigise vii it goes into wood and sticks
aapijinazh vta finish h/ off, finally and completely kill h/
aapijinizhimo vai s/he flees for good
aapijise vii it slips in, goes into something and not reappear
aapijiskwagizi vai s/he bleeds without stopping
aapijishin vai s/he has a serious fall or accident, has a fatal fall or accident