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/-aakiiwe-/ medial

slope of land, hillside
Contains medial -aakiiw- and post-medial -e-.
agidaakiiwebatoo vai [ML] s/he runs uphill
giishkaakiiweyaa vii it is a steep hill
niisaakiiwebatoo vai s/he runs downhill
niisaakiiwebide vii it speeds, drives, flies, falls downhill
niisaakiiwebin vta throw h/ downhill
niisaakiiwebinan vti throw it downhill
niisaakiiwebizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies, falls downhill
niisaakiiwedaabii vai s/he drags a load downhill
niisaakiiwekamigaa vii it (the ground) slopes downwards
niisaakiiwemon vii it (road or trail) leads downhill
niisaakiiwenige vai s/he carries something downhill on the shoulders
niisaakiiwenizhikaw vta chase h/ downhill
niisaakiiwewidoon vti2 take, carry it downhill
niisaakiiwewizh vta take, carry h/ downhill
ogidaakiiwebatoo vai s/he runs uphill
ogidaakiiwebizo vai s/he or it (animate) drives uphill
ogidaakiiwedaabii vai s/he goes uphill pulling a load
ogidaakiiwekamigaa vii it (the ground) slopes upwards
ogidaakiiwemon vii [RL] it (a road or trail) leads uphill
ogidaakiiwenige vai s/he carries something uphill on h/ shoulders
ogidaakiiwewidoon vti2 carry, take it uphill
ogidaakiiwewizh vta carry, take h/ uphill