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/-aabate/ final

it smokes, is in the smoke; there is smoke or vapor
animaabate vii it (smoke) goes away (in the other direction)
babaamaabate vii it (smoke) goes about
bagamaabate vii it (smoke, an aroma) arrives
bimaabate vii it (smoke) goes along
biidaabate vii it (smoke) comes here
danaabate vii there is smoke or vapor in a certain place
gizhaabate vii it is a hot draft, smoke, or vapor
gwayakwaabate vii smoke goes straight up
inaabate vii it (smoke) goes a certain direction
makadewaabate vii it emits black smoke
mooshkineyaabate vii it is filled with smoke
ombaabate vii it goes upwards as smoke
ondaabate vii it (smoke) comes from a certain place
ozaawaabate vii there is yellow or brown smoke
wiisagaabate vii there is irritating smoke