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/-aa'an/ final

it undergoes action of the waves
agwaayaa'an vii it drifts ashore on the waves
animaa'an vii it drifts away on the waves
babaamaa'an vii it drifts about or around on the waves
babiikwadaawangaa'an vii there are sand dunes formed by waves
bagamaa'an vii it arrives drifting on the waves
bimaa'an vii it drifts along on the waves
biidaa'an vii it drifts here on the waves
biindaa'an vii it gets water splashed in it by the waves
gijigadaawangaa'an vii there are ripples in the sand formed by waves
giishkadaawangaa'an vii the waves make a sand bank
inaa'an vii it drifts to a certain place on the waves
maadaa'an vii it drifts off on the waves
ondaa'an vti it drifts on the waves from a certain place
webaa'an vii it drifts out, drifts away on the waves