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/-a'ood/ final

move it by medium, move it on the water
agwaa'oodoon vti2 take it off something or unload it off something: take it ashore, take it off the fire, take it off a boat or vehicle
anima'oodoon vti2 take it away by boat
aawada'oodoon vti2 haul it by boat
aazhawa'oodoon vti2 take it across by boat; ferry it across
bagama'oodoon vti2 arrive transporting it (especially by boat)
bima'oodoon vti2 take it along in a boat; pole it along in a boat
biida'oodoon vti2 bring it here by boat
desaakwa'oodoon vti2 transport it on top of something on the water
giiwe'oodoon vti2 take it home by boat
ina'oodoon vti2 take it to a certain place on the water
mooshka'oodoon vti2 add water or other liquid to it
naada'oodoon vti2 go get it by using something, go get it (by boat)
niminaawa'oodoon vti2 transport it out into the lake (by paddling, etc.)