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gibidoonepizon ni

a face mask (covering the mouth)

See also: gibidoonepizowin ni

Since gibidoonepizon a face mask is pronounced the same as gibidoonepizon, the singular command form of gibidoonepizo s/he wears a face mask, Ogimaagwanebiik suggests gibidoonepizowin be used instead for face mask. However when talking about whose mask it is, she uses the possessed forms of gibidoonepizon.

gibidoonepizon sg; gibidoonepizonan pl; gibidoonepizoning loc; gibidoonepizonens dim; gibidoonepizonish pej; Stem: /gibidoonepizon-/

gibidoonepizon /gibidoonepizon-/: /gibidoonepizo-/ stem of gibidoonepizo vai ; /-n/