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danwewidam vai2

s/he is heard calling, sounding in or from a certain place

indanwewidam 1s ind; nindanwewidam 1s ind; nidanwewidam 1s ind; danwewidam 3s ind; danwewidang 3s conj; endanwewidang 3s ch-conj; Stem: /danwewid+am-/

Eyiidawagaam danwewidamoog gookooko'oog.

The owls are calling from both sides of the lake.

Awasisag danwewidam abinoojiinyens gaa-mawid.

The crying child is heard from the other room.

danwewidam /danwewid+am-/: /daN-/
there, in a certain place
; /-wewid/
s/he is heard making sounds in the distance