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gidasan vti roast it to remove something, parch it [wild rice]

(benefactive) gidasamaw vta parch (it) for h/ (detransitive) gidasige vai s/he roast things (to remove something), parches wild rice (verb of undergoing) gidasigaade vii it is roasted (to remove something), is parched [of wild rice] (derived noun) gidasigan ni parched wild rice
giishkashkimod ni a cedar bark bag

makade-manoomin ni black wild rice

manoomin ni wild rice

northern wild rice
Zizania palustris

(verb of abundance) manoominikaa vii there is (a lot of) wild rice (verb of making) manoominike vai s/he rices, goes ricing, makes rice, picks rice, harvests wild rice
manoominaganzh ni a wild rice stalk

manoominagaawanzh ni a wild rice plant

manoominashk ni a wild rice stalk

manoominaaboo ni wild rice broth

manoomini-manidoosh na a wild rice worm

manoomini-mashkimod ni a bag or sack for wild rice

manoominike-giizis na the moon of ricing occuring in August or September

See also: manoominikewi-giizis na [BL]

manoominike-mazina'igaans ni [ML] a ricing license

manoominikewi-giizis na [BL] the moon of ricing occuring in August or September

See also: manoominike-giizis na

manoominikewin ni ricing, harvesting wild rice

manoominiwazh ni a bag or sack for wild rice; a bag or sack filled with wild rice

mimigoshkam vai2 s/he threshes, jigs something (e.g., wild rice)

Paired with: mamigoshkam vai2 [BL]

mimigoshkamwaagan ni a barrel or tub used in threshing wild rice

mimigoshkan vti rub it (with foot or body) to loosen it; thresh, jig it (e.g., wild rice)

See also: mamigoshkan vti [BL]

nooshkaachinaagan ni a winnowing tray, a winnowing basket

(verb of making) nooshkaachinaaganike vai s/he makes a winnowing tray, winnowing basket
okaadakik na a large kettle or cauldon with small legs: a treaty kettle

oshki-manoomin ni freshly harvested wild rice

oshki-manoominike vai s/he rices for first time in season

ozhaawashko-manoomin ni green wild rice