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/-ikonaye/ final

s/he is dressed, has clothes
aanzikonaye vai s/he changes h/ (own) clothes
bibagikonaye vai s/he wears a thin layer of clothes
biitookonaye vai s/he wears layers (as underwear)
biizikonaye vai s/he dresses, is dressed, puts on clothes
gipagikonaye vai s/he wears a thick layer of clothes
giizikonaye vai s/he undresses, takes off h/ (own) clothes
inikonaye vai s/he dresses a certain way
makadewikonaye vai s/he dresses in black
minokwanaye vai s/he is well-dressed
miskokonaye vai s/he dresses in red
onjikonaye vai s/he gets h/ clothes from a certain place
oshkikonaye vai s/he dresses in a new outfit
ozaawikonaye vai s/he wears yellow, wears brown
waabishkikonaye vai s/he dresses in white