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zhooshkosaga'wi vta smooth it (animate; wood) using something

Paired with: zhooshkosaga'an vti

zhooshkoshimaan na a ski

zhooshkozi vai it (animate) is smooth

Paired with: zhooshkwaa vii

zhooshkozidebagizo vai s/he does a ballroom dance step (two step, waltz)

zhooshkozideni vai s/he slides h/ foot or feet

zhooshkozigwaa vii there is smooth ice

zhooshkoode vai s/he or it (animate) crawls sliding along, slithers

zhooshkwabi vai s/he slides over sitting

zhooshkwadaawanga'an vti smooth it (sand) (using something)

zhooshkwadin vii it freezes smooth, is frozen smooth

zhooshkwa' vta smooth h/ (using something)

Paired with: zhooshkwa'an vti

zhooshkwa'an vti iron it; smooth it (using something)

(detransitive) zhooshkwa'ige vai s/he irons clothes (derived noun) zhooshkwa'igan na an iron
zhooshkwa'igan na an iron

See also: zhooshkwega'igan ni ; zhooshkwega'igan na [RL]

zhooshkwa'iganaatig ni [BL] an ironing board

zhooshkwa'ige vai s/he irons clothes

zhooshkwa'wi vta iron it; smooth it (using something)

zhooshkwa' vta Paired with: zhooshkwa'an vti

zhooshkwajiwaagen vai + o s/he uses (it) to slide with

zhooshkwajiwe vai s/he goes sliding, slides downhill

(verb of use) zhooshkwajiwaagen vai + o s/he uses (it) to slide with
zhooshkwajiwebizo vai s/he slides downhill fast or under power

zhooshkwakamigaa vii it is smooth ground

zhooshkwanagekozi vai it (animate) has smooth bark

zhooshkwanagekwad vii it has smooth bark

Paired with: zhooshkwanagekozi vai

zhooshkwanaabikaa vii there is smooth flat rock

zhooshkwaa vii it is smooth, slick

Paired with: zhooshkozi vai

zhooshkwaabikad vii it is smooth (as something mineral), is rustless

Paired with: zhooshkwaabikizi vai