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wiisagaapinazh vta injure h/; hurt h/

wiisagaapine vai s/he hurts, suffers physically, suffer from an illness

(applicative) wiisagaapinazh vta hurt h/; injure h/
wiisagendam vai2 s/he suffers pain, is in pain, hurts

wiisagendami' vta cause h/ pain, make h/ hurt

wiisagendamowin ni pain (from sickness)

wiisagi- pv lex bitter

wiisagi-jiisens ni a radish

wiisagi-mitigomizh na red oak

northern red oak
Quercus rubra

wiisagibizh vta hurt h/ with the hands (by manipulating, pulling, pinching, etc.)

wiisagidenaniwe vai h/ tongue hurts

wiisagidiye vai h/ rear hurts

wiisagidiyeshin vai s/he hurts h/ butt in a fall

wiisagidooskwaneshin vai s/he hurts h/ elbow or elbows on something or in a fall

wiisagigaadeshin vai s/he hurts h/ leg or legs on something or by falling

wiisagigidigweshin vai s/he hurts his knee or knees on something or by falling

wiisagigonewe vai s/he has a sore throat, h/ throat hurts

wiisagijiibikoons ni a radish

wiisagimaagozi vai s/he smells bitter, smells spicy

Paired with: wiisagimaagwad vii

wiisagimaagwad vii it smells bitter, smells spicy

Paired with: wiisagimaagozi vai

wiisagimaaso vai s/he has a bitter aroma, smells bitter burning or cooking

Paired with: wiisagimaate vii

wiisagimaate vii it has a bitter aroma, smells bitter (burning or cooking)

Paired with: wiisagimaaso vai

wiisagindibeshin vai s/he hurts h/ head falling or hitting against something

wiisagine vai s/he hurts, is in pain from an illness

wiisaginikeshin vai s/he hurts h/ arm or arms on something or by falling

wiisagininjii vai h/ hand hurts or hands hurt