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waanikaadan vti dig a hole for it

Paired with: waanikaazh vta

waanikaan ni a pit, an excavated hole

waanikaazh vta dig a hole for h/

Paired with: waanikaadan vti

waanike vai s/he digs a hole or trench

(applicative) waanikaadan vti dig a hole for it (applicative) waanikaazh vta dig a hole for h/
waaninitigweyaa vii the river has a bend in it

waanisagaa vii there is a dip in the floor

waanisagizi vai it (animate; board) has a depression in it

waanizigoweba'an vti

waanzh ni a den, a lair, a cave, a burrow

See also: waazh ni

waanzhibiiyaa vii it is a puddle, a water-filled pothole, a small pond

waapijiibizh vta wrap h/ up in a bunting bag

waapijiibizo vai s/he is laced up in the cradleboard bag

(derived noun) waapijiibizon ni a cradleboard bag; a bunting bag
waapijiibizon ni a bunting bag; a cradleboard bag

waapijiibizoneyaab ni cradleboard wrapper lacing

waasa adv loc far, far away, distant

waasagoode vii it hangs shining

Paired with: waasagoojin vai

waasagoojin vai it (animate) hangs shining

Paired with: waasagoode vii

waasakonebizo vai s/he drives with a light on

waasakonejiisi na

waasamowin ni lightning; electricity

waasamoo- pv lex electric; powered

waasamoo-anokiiwinini na electrician

waasamoo-bimide ni gas, gasoline

waasamoo-jiimaan ni a motor launch

waasamoo-jiimaanens ni motorboat