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gwaaba'ibii vai s/he draws water

gwaaba'igan ni a dipper, a scoop

gwaaba'ige vai s/he scoops up things

gwaaba'iskwaan ni ice scoop

See also: mikwamii-gwaaba'iskwaan ni

gwaaba'waagan na a scoop net

gwaabanda' vta give h/ a sip of it

gwaabandan vti sip it, take a sip of it

(causative) gwaabanda' vta give h/ a sip of it
gwaakwaashkwani vai s/he keeps jumping

gwaakwaashkwesidoon vti bounce it

gwaashkwani vai s/he jumps

gwaashkwanodan vti jump on it

Paired with: gwaashkwanodaw vta

gwaashkwanodaw vta jump on h/; assault, rape h/

Paired with: gwaashkwanodan vti

(detransitive) gwaashkwanodaage vai s/he commits assault, commits rape
(derived noun) gwaashkwanodaagewin ni assault, rape
gwaashkwanodaage vai s/he commits assault, commits rape

gwaashkwanodaagewin ni assault, rape

gwaashkwaashkwandaabiganoojiinh na a jumping mouse

gwaashkwebiigamitoo vai s/he is heard spashing

gwaashkwe' vta whack, smack h/ (using something)

gwaashkwesidoon vti2 drop it and have it rebound; bounce it

Paired with: gwaashkweshim vta

gwaashkwesin vii it bounces, rebounds

Paired with: gwaashkweshin vai

gwaashkweshim vta drop h/ and have h/ rebound; bounce h/

Paired with: gwaashkwesidoon vti2

gwaashkweshin vai s/he bounces, rebounds

Paired with: gwaashkwesin vii

gwaashkwezi vai s/he is eager, is energetic, is ambitious

gwech adv qnt enough

gwekabi vai s/he turns around while sitting

gwekabiitaw vta turn toward h/ while seated