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endazhi-ataading ni-v a casino

endazhi-booniimagak ni-v airport

endazhi-giziininaaganeng ni-v [BL] a kitchen sink

endazhi-giziininjiing ni-v [N] a bathroom sink; a sink

endaad ni-v h/ home; h/ house

endogwen adv dub I don't know; I am not sure

en' pc disc yes

eni- pv dir coming up to in time; going away; in progress; on the way

ani- pv dir

enigok adv deg harder; with effort

enigoo na [BL] a big ant

enigoons na an ant

enigoonsigiwaam ni an anthill

enigoonsikaa vii there are (a lot of) ants

enigoonsiwi vai s/he is an ant

eniwek adv deg a little bit; just so; middling; somewhat

eniwek igo adv deg a little bit; just so; middling; somewhat

See also: eniwek adv deg

enyanh' pc disc yes

epiichi- pv rel to a certain extent or degree; as much as

apiichi- pv rel

es na clam; shell

esiban na a raccoon

Procyon lotor

eshkam adv deg gradually; less and less; more and more

eshkan na horn (of an animal), antler

(verb of possession) odeshkani vai s/he has horns, has antlers; it (animate; insect or bug) has antennae, has feelers
eshkan ni an ice chisel

eshkanaatig ni an ice chisel handle

eshkandaming ni-v a watermelon