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bana' vta miss h/ (using something)

Paired with: bana'an vti

bana'an vti miss it (using something)

Paired with: bana' vta

bite and miss
bishigwandan vti drop it from the mouth; try biting it and miss

bishigwam vta drop h/ from the mouth; try biting h/ and miss

Paired with: bishigwandan vti

miss with hands
bishigobidoon vti2 miss grabbing or catching it

Paired with: bishigobizh vta

bishigobizh vta miss grabbing or catching h/

Paired with: bishigobidoon vti2

miss with foot or body
bishigoshkan vti miss it with foot or body

Paired with: bishigoshkaw vta

bishigoshkaw vta miss h/ with foot or body

Paired with: bishigoshkan vti

shoot and miss
bishkonan vti shoot at it and miss

Paired with: bishkonaw vta

bishkonaw vta shoot and miss h/

Paired with: bishkonan vti See also: bashkonaw vta [BL]

bishkonaage vai s/he shoots and misses

throw and miss
bishigowebinan vti throw something at it and miss

Mississippi River
Mississippi River
gichi-ziibi ni
  1. a big river
  2. Gichi-ziibi: the Mississippi River

by mistake
bichi- pv lex accidentally, by accident

make a mistake
wani- pv lex making a mistake, mistakenly, in error

wanichige vai s/he makes a mistake, makes things wrong

make a mistake beading
wanaabidoo'an vti make a mistake beading it on a loom

wanaabidoo'ige vai s/he makes a mistake beading things on a loom

make a mistake cooking
wanizekwe vai s/he makes a mistake cooking

make a mistake drumming
wanwewe'akokwe vai s/he makes a mistake drumming

make a mistake sewing
wanigwaaso vai s/he makes a mistake sewing

wanigwaadan vti make a mistake sewing it

Paired with: wanigwaazh vta

wanigwaazh vta make a mistake sewing h/

Paired with: wanigwaadan vti

make mistake singing
wana'am vai2 s/he makes a mistake singing, sings the wrong song

make a mistake speaking
wanigiizhwe vai s/he makes a mistake speaking, mispronounces something

make a mistake writing
wanibii'an vti make a mistake writing it

wanibii'ige vai s/he makes a mistake writing something

awanibiisaa vii it is misty, there is sprinkling rain

wanitam vai2 s/he misunderstands something heard

wanitaw vta misunderstand (what) h/ (says)

baseball mitt
bakitejii'igewi-minjikaawan na [BL] a baseball mitt

catcher's mitt
nakwebijige-minjikaawan na a catcher's mitt

oven mitt
apaabikinigan na an oven mitt

minjikaawan na something worn on the hand: a mitten, a mitt, a glove

beaded mitten
manidoominensi-minjikaawan na a beaded mitten or glove

make mittens
minjikaawanike vai s/he makes a mitten or mittens

new mittens
oshkiminjikaawane vai s/he has new mittens

put on mittens
biichiminjikaawane vai s/he puts on h/ mittens

take along mittens
niimiminjikaawane vai s/he takes along mittens or gloves

take off mittens
giichiminjikaawane vai s/he takes off h/ mittens

wear mittens
gigiminjikaawane vai s/he wears mittens

ginigawin vta mix it (animate) in

Paired with: ginigawinan vti

ginigawinan vti mix it in

Paired with: ginigawin vta

ginigawinige vai s/he mixes things

ginigawinigaade vii it is mixed in (by someone), "they" mix it in

ginigawinigaazo vai s/he is mixed in (by someone), "they" mix h/ in

mix by shaking
ginigawiwebin vta mix h/ by shaking

Paired with: ginigawiwebinan vti

ginigawiwebinan vti mix it by shaking

Paired with: ginigawiwebin vta

mix in
dagon vta add h/ in, mix h/ in

Paired with: dagonan vti

dagonan vti add it in, mix it in

Paired with: dagon vta

dagonige vai s/he adds, mixes things in

dagonigaade vii it is added, mixed in (by someone), "they" add, mix it in

Paired with: dagonigaazo vai

ginigawisin vii it is mixed

waninawe'igan ni something used to stir or mix with: a stirring stick, an eggbeater, a mixer

See also: wanawe'igan ni [BL]

wanawe'igan ni [BL] something used to stir or mix with: a stirring stick, an eggbeater, a mixer