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/-gan/ final

abwaajigan na bread cooked over a fire
abwaajigan ni roasted meat or fish
abwewasigan ni fire-cured meat or fish
adisigan ni a dye
agogwaajigan ni something sewn or appliqued, trim
agokiwasigan ni glue; paste
agwaakwa'igan ni a sign, a poster, a posted notice
akwaandawaagan ni something to climb up on or in: a stairway, a ladder, an elevator
anishinaabewibii'igan ni something written in Indian (Ojibwe), Indian (Ojibwe) writing
apigwaajigan ni something sewn over something: an appliqued piece, a lining, a facing, trim
apisijigan ni something placed for protection: a cushion, a protective mat
atisigan ni [ML] a dye
aabajichigan ni something used: a tool, equipment
aabaabika'igan ni a key
aandaabikinigan ni a gear shift
aanikoobijigan na
  1. an ancestor
  2. a great-grandparent
  3. a great-grandchild
aate'igan ni a fire extinguisher
aazhawa'oojigan ni a ferry
babaamiweba'igan ni [BL] a hockey puck
badaka'igan ni a fork
badakijigan ni a post; a cornerpost
bagone'igan ni a drill
bagwa'igan ni a patch
bakwezhigan na
  1. bread, bannock
  2. flour
bashanzhe'igan ni a whip, a switch
bazagwa'igan ni [BL] glue; paste
baasa'igan ni marrow
baasaabikizigan ni an explosive, dynamite
baashkadewasigan ni TNT
baashkiminasigan ni jam; preserves
baashkizigan ni a gun
bimojigan ni a slingshot
bimoonjigan ni a pack frame
binaakwe'igan ni a rake
biigwakamigibijigan na a plow
biiminigan ni a brace and bit
biimiskonigan ni a screw
biimiskwa'igan ni a tool that turns: a screwdriver, a wrench
biindaabikibijigan ni a gear shift
biisiboojigan na corn meal
biisiboojigan ni a grinder, a mill
biiwiboojigan ni sawdust
biiwiga'igan ni a chip
biizikigan ni an item of clothing
boodaajii'igan ni an air pump, a tire pump
boozaabikinigan ni [BL] lubricating oil; gun oil
dagwanjigan ni a condiment, a side dish, snack food; jam
dakisijigan ni something that cools things: a refrigerator, a freezer
dakwanjigan ni vicegrips; (a pair of) pliers
daashkiboojigan na a saw mill. a ripsaw
dibaabiiginigan ni a tape measure
dibaabiishkoojigan ni a scale
ditibiwebishkigan na a bicycle
gabaachigan ni [BL] something boiled
gashka'oojigan ni a knot
gashkaabika'igan ni a lock
gashkibijigan ni a bundle, a package, a packet
gaapizigan ni popped wild rice
gaasiibii'igan na an eraser
gaaskaabasigan na smoke-cured animal or fish
gaaskaabasigan ni smoke-cured meat
giba'igan ni something that blocks or plugs: a plug, a stopper, a dam
gibaabowe'igan ni a pot lid
gibaakobijigan ni canned goods
gibaakwa'igan ni something stick-like that shuts off or blocks: a barricade, a dam, a gate
gibiiga'igan ni a curtain, drapes
giboobijigan ni something used to pull things shut: a drawstring, a zipper
gikinoo'amaagan na a student
gizhaabikizigan ni a stove
gizhibaawebinigan ni a crank
giziibiiga'igan ni
  1. soap
  2. (item of) laundry
giiniboojigan ni pencil sharpener
giishkada'igan ni a cleaver
giishkiboojigan ni a cross-cut saw
giishkizhigan ni a scythe
gonzaabiishkoojigan ni [BL] something used to hold things down in the water: an anchor, a trap weight, a sinker (fishing tackle)
gwaaba'igan ni a dipper
ingodwaasoobii'igan na a six (card)
iskigamizigan ni a sugar bush, a sugar camp
ishkonigan ni a reservation
ishkwanjigan ni leftover food
jiigada'igan ni a broom
jiishada'igan ni a broom
jiishakamiga'igan ni a rake
jiishaakwa'igan ni a hide scraper, a flesher
madwewechigan ni a musical instrument (especially a keyboard instrument): a piano, an organ
madweyaabiigibijigan ni a guitar
mangaanibaajigan ni a shovel
mashkimodegwaajigan ni a pocket
mazina'igan ni a book, a letter, a document, a paper
mazinaabikiwebinigan ni a typewriter, a computer
mazinaakizigan ni
  1. a camera
  2. a picture, a photograph
mazinaatesijigan ni a television
mazinibii'igan ni a drawing, a sketch, a design
mazinichigan na a statue, a figurine, an effigy, a doll
mazinikojigan na a carving; a statue; sculpture
maajiishkaachigan ni a starter
midaasoobii'igan na a ten (card)
minikwaajigan ni drinking vessel (larger than a cup): a glass, a mug, a tankard, a chalice
minikwaajigan adv qnt a measure of liquid: a gallon
minjikanaakobijigan ni a fence
minjiminigan ni a handle
minomaagochigan ni perfume
miskwaanzigan ni a roach headdress
miijimikanjigan ni bait
mookojigan ni a drawknife, a plane
nagaawebishkigan ni brakes
nase'igan ni granulated maple sugar
naabizhigan ni a pattern (in sewing)
nibaagan ni something used to sleep on: a bed, bedding material in a wigwam
ningwaja'igan ni a hoe
nishwaasoobii'igan na an eight (card)
niisiiwezhigan ni fringe
nookwezigan ni a medicine for burning to make a smudge
noondaagochigan ni a musical instrument (especially a wind instrument): horn, whistle, harmonica
okaadenigan ni a braid; a braided rug
okosijigan ni a haystack
ombigamizigan ni boiling sugar or syrup
onadinigan na dough
ozhibii'igan ni something written: a piece of writing (a paper, essay, report, etc.); something used for writing
ozhichigan ni something made, built, or formed: a hand-made thing, a manufactured thing, a product
waninawe'igan ni something used to stir with: a stirring stick, an eggbeater, a mixer
waabishkiingwechigan ni face powder
waawiyebii'igan ni a compass (drawing instrument)
webinigan na someone abandoned
wewese'igan ni a fan
wiikobijigan ni a drawer, a chest of drawers, a dresser
wiiweginigan ni a wrapped package or pack
zaga'igan ni a nail
zagapijigan ni
  1. something towed: a trailer, a towed boat
  2. something used for hitching: a hitch, a tow rope
zagaakwa'igan ni a fastener: a pin, a safety pin, a bolt, a nail
zaka'igan ni a lighter
zakaasigan ni a flashlight
zhaabobiiginigan ni a strainer
zhaabonigan ni a needle
zhaaboshkaachigan ni a sifter
zhaabwaakizigan ni an x-ray plate
zhishigwa'igan ni ground meat, hamburger
zhizhoobii'igan ni paint
zhiibaayaabanjigan ni a telescope, a gun scope, (pl.) binoculars
ziiga'igan ni a sugar cake, a sugar cone,
zhiigozhigan ni a carcass
ziigwebinigan ni something dumped out: slop, garbage, trash; a dump
ziinaakwa'igan ni a clothes wringer; a clothespin
zhiiwaagamizigan ni syrup; maple syrup
zhooshkonigan na a game piece that is slid: a checker, a domino tile
zhooshkwega'igan ni an iron
zhooshkwega'igan na [RL] an iron