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zhagashka' vta spread h/ on (using something)

zhagashka'an vti spread it on (using something)

zhagashka'igewi-mookomaan ni a table knife; a butter knife

zhagashka'wi vta

zhagashka' vta

zhagashkaanaamikwesi na a sauger

Sander canadensis

zhagashkaandawe na a flying squirrel

northern flying squirrel
Glaucomys sabrinus

zhagashkibatoo vai s/he runs stooped down

zhagashkitaa vai s/he crouches down

zhakakamigaa vii it is damp ground

zhakamo vai s/he puts (something) in h/ (own) mouth

zhakamodaw vta spoon feed h/

zhakamoozh vta put something in h/ mouth

zhakaa vii it is damp

Paired with: zhakizi vai

zhakaagonagaa vii there is soft wet snow

zhakipon vii wet snow falls

zhakizi vai s/he is damp

Paired with: zhakaa vii

zhakiigad vii it is damp (as something sheet-like)

Paired with: zhakiigizi vai

zhakiigizi vai s/he is damp (as something sheet-like)

Paired with: zhakiigad vii

zhashagi na a blue heron

great blue heron
Ardea herodias

zhawabishkoode vii it bends down, collapses from weight

zhawendan vti bless, pity it

Paired with: zhawenim vta

(detransitive) zhawenjige vai s/he is merciful, is kind-hearted, has pity
(derived noun) zhawenjigewin ni a blessing, mercy, kindness
zhawendaagozi vai s/he is blessed, is fortunate

Paired with: zhawendaagwad vii

zhawendaagwad vii it is blessed

Paired with: zhawendaagozi vai

zhawenim vta bless, pity h/; show loving-kindess, unconditional love for h/; have mercy, compassion for h/

(reciprocal) zhawenindiwag vai they bless, pity each other; they have mercy, compassion for each other; they show loving-kindness, unconditional love for each other
zhawenimigoowizi vai s/he receives blessings